January 2010 -JF1GUT- Jin has a very small whip antenna - VCH - and only 10W power. We successfully completed a 40m CW QSO, including receiving his name


March 2010 -UA0ZAL- Oleg lives on Bering island in a small community in the Bering Sea. His simple equipment is supplemented with his fin CW skills so this contact was possible on 7 MHz despite the distance and his proximity to the magnetic pole


April 2010 -H40MS- Bernard DL2GAC has been visiting Papua New Guinea and the Solomons for more than 20 years. This time he went to Pigeon Island in the Temote group. This contact happened exactly 20 years after my 1st QSO with him - that one as P29VMS...


August 2010 -VY0V- Cezar VE3LYC is an IOTA enthousiast and and year ago he started to activate islands in the very North of Canada. This expedition to East pen Island was a very risky one and Cezar had all the elements against him: weather, equipment failure, fatigue. Finally he was rescued by the RCMP. The QSL tells the story...


September 2010 -P29CS- Andy has been living on Lihir isl for about a year as I know and I have been looking for him since his first appearance on the bands. It was a difficult QSO due to the interference of other stations trying to work him.


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