January 2012 -DL9GMM/MM- Until the late 80s radio officers served on merchant ships and many of them were radioamateurs as well. By now radio officers have been replaced by satelite communications and contacts to marine opreators became rare. Horst was crossing the Atlantic in 2008 when I managed to work him. Finally his QSL arrived from the bureau.


March 2012 -HT7A- Bengt is a Swede who moved to Central America long time ago and he shows up in major contests with a fancy prefix from sparesely populated areas of Nicaragua, Salvador or Costa Rica. Knowing that in those regions he has no access to QSL bureaus I His hand made QSL and personal remarks on the envelope makes it a real memorablia.


August 2012 -KH6XM- Doug has a very modest setup on a hilltop in Hawaii. Despite his simple R5 vertical we had a nice chat. The propagation window exists during the summer month in the European morning hours. That is why I like summer condx so much. A few days later I got his hand-made QSL in the mail which commemorates that contact very-well.


September 2012 -VY1NM/M- There are only a handful radioamateurs in Yukon - I only had a few QSOs with that province. I was stunned when Dirk VY1NM called me from his car using a car mounted whip antenna and a mobile rig. We had a nice chat and our QSO was followed up by a string of Pacific and NW USA stations in my log. We had remarkable radio conditions on that day!

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