FT-1000MP jumpy clarifier repair

last revised on 27/09/2006

The FT-1000MP's front plate clarifier works with a rotary encoder. This encoder tends to become faulty after a few years of usage and develop a very annoying behavior: the clarifier shift jumps unexpectedly as the knob is being rotated. This is very well documented on mailing lists discussing Yaesu equipment.

I have a very early MP (1996 model) and last year my radio got the plague as well. I ordered a replacement part from the Hungarian Yaesu dealer (Anico Kft). The Yaesu part number is : Q9000641 Rotary encoder S9221 (cost 10,60€)

This page describes how the encoder can be replaced.

The page shows low resolution photos. For more details click on the photo.

It took me about effectively half an hour to complete the task and in my opinion it can be done by anyone who is able to recognize the hot end of the soldering iron.

Proceed with care and be aware that you are doing at your own risk. I don't take any kind of liability or responsibility from damages occurring from following this description.


Starting situation This is how I started...
The rotary encoder as it was delivered by Yaesu

Remove the top and bottom cover. Before removing the knobs turn all control fully counterclockwise. It will make correct positioning easier during the assembly.

The screen can be cleaned with a wet glass cleaning cloth.

Nothing important here :)

This photo shows the frontplate taken off, and the mounting plate of the controls tilted down. The cable of the shuttle jug sensor needs to be disconnected and the plastic frontplate can easily be taken off.

The detailed photo shows this cable and the location of the small PCB holding the encoder.

The PCB holding the encoder. if you are careful enough you don't need o cut the cable ties holding the cables together. Disconnect the connectors on the remote end to avoid ESD.
Encoder is desoldered. I used a Chemtronics Chem-Wik desoldering braid and it did the job nicely.
The new encoder soldered in.

The radio without the plastic frontplate. Looks kind of sexy this way :)

This is also a good opportunity to clean the display and tie the copper screw holding the main VFO-encoder. It also tends to get loose during the years.

Good luck!

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