E44/HA1AG DXpedition to Gaza, Palestine

last updated: 16/01/2005

E44/HA1AG license


This operation took place from Gaza in the Territory of Palestinian Authorities between 23 February and 3 March, 1999 immediately after the E4 callsign block was issued by the ITU and DXCC status was granted. The operators were HA1AG, HA1TJ, HA3NU and HA3OV. Our goal was to give out this new DXCC to as many people as possible and to offer a fair chance to geographically handicapped areas to work E4.

Two stations were set up and operated around the clock except a few hours when we had to stop for technical reasons (TVI in the hotel). Most of the operation was on CW (what else?) and in the later phase of the operation we even did RTTY. We had the following radios: FT-1000MP, FT-990 and FL-2100Z - all Yaesu.


160m: sloping dipole (top @ 45m, lower end was above the tideline)
80m: inverted Vee dipole at 35m
40m: fishing rod vertical on the top of the building (35m)
20-15-10m: 3 ele tribander
30-17-12m: multiband trap vertical


The DX spots we generated in the packet cluster network can be seen here.

The planetery A and K indices during the expedition can be seen here.

The Topband story of this operation can be read here.


The band and mode breakdown of the QSOs we made:

Band CW SSB RTTY Total
160 1405 174   1579
80 2336 481   2817
40 3834 1122   4956
30 3557     3557
20 5308 2240 328 7876
17 3378 706   4084
15 3236 2275 415 5926
12 3395 1085   4480
10 3266 1889   5155
Total 29715 9972 744 40430


QSLs are available via bureau or direct. For detailed QSL info, please read my QSL policy.

The operation was aided by:



CW pileup fragment on 20m in K8CX Audio Gallery

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of the Palestinian Authorities


To be added: Photo gallery, some QSL feedback

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